The tale of the Moroccan wedding blanket goes beyond it’s creamy, embellished textures. A handira, as it's traditionally named, is a bespoke gift from the mother and female relatives to her daughter in preparation for her wedding. Handmade with love by the Berber women of the Middle Atlas Mountains, it signifies a special time where the women create this masterpiece while telling tales, bestowing knowledge and preparing the bride for married life. 

Worn draped around the brides' shoulders on her wedding day, this symbolic textile is believed to ward off evil, bestow blessings and fertility as well as provide a practical (not to mention beautiful) source of warmth. A one-of-a-kind work of art, handiras range from simple elegance to highly adorned treasures, all as incredibly special to look at as the story behind their creation.

Made from undyed wool, cotton and linen, patterned with fringes, sequins, tassels and silk threads, they shine at the end of a bed, bring a new dimension draped over a lounge, and are truly spectacular hung on a wall.