Our Story



Sally has been enchanted by Morocco since her long anticipated first visit. She loved the authenticity of the cities and small towns, the delightful people and sumptuous food. Her passion stirred, she has travelled back to Morocco on many occasions and it has always aroused new possibilities. At every turn she is inspired by the colour and design elements whether it be in a beautifully restored riad, the chaos of a busy medina or the natural beauty of the ever changing landscape.

This immediately led to the development of the Souk & Co. concept. With a well established background in travel and a flourishing interest in design and style, she had found her outlet with the creation of this online marketplace or "Souk".

Through previous travel ventures Sally has built up many years of travel experience.  Solve Travel is the most recent that she and her husband Dan started in 2011. Through this partnership with Souk & Co. they have organised and hosted numerous authentic Moroccan trips. Great contacts on the ground and a genuinely inquisitive style has enabled her to build a valuable network of hoteliers, guides and artisans to collaborate with to bring this project together.

Sally has an Advanced diploma in Design at ISCD winning numerous awards of excellence for her work, including being a co winner for the Emily Ziz Graduate of the year. Through Souk & Co, she is currently working on a textile collection in collaboration with Emily Ziz Style Studio, infused with global elements that have been inspired by her travels.

Bringing this passion and experience together, Souk & Co. is a platform for importing and designing as well as offering truly unique, tailored travel experiences throughout Morocco.

Ethical Sourcing

The beautiful products from Souk & Co. are acquired as close to the original source as is practical, in a majority of cases from the original artisan. Fair prices and reasonable terms and conditions are observed as we believe in the promotion of fair trade. In this way we support the artisans, their family and associates to help them flourish in their endeavours.


The relationships we have fostered with the artisans in Morocco are central to the philosophy of Souk & Co. Our interactions are always warm and mutually enriching, laced with mint tea and Moroccan sweets. Our mission is to promote their fine craftsmanship using practices that are often centuries old. They have shared their story, their heart and their soul in the creation of these unique pieces and we are delighted to work with them to share this experience with you.

The Future

Sally is working with Moroccan artisans to produce her own design collections in a range of mediums from natural fabrics to tiles and ceramics. She will continue to design bespoke journeys through Morocco as well as host a couple of trips a year. Fuelled by her passion for discovery, Sally is constantly pursuing new places, experiences and interactions when in Morocco, resulting in an ever evolving concept and style in Moroccan travel and design, to be shared with her clients.

Souk & Co. Team 

A talented and dedicated team has been instrumental in bringing this concept to reality. Dan, whose incredible support and experience is enduring and integral. Maddie, Ella and Chelsea for their love and excitement every step of the way, and the wonderful and multi-talented Tania, Briony and Adrienne for all their extraordinary skills, friendship and enthusiasm.

In Morocco, Hassan, a great friend, who is never tiring, and brings exceptional knowledge, professionalism and humour to everything he does, and also to an inspiring and hardworking group of artisans who are a delight to work with. To these very special people, a huge thank you, especially for your belief in the vision, passion and story of Souk & Co.