F R E E  S H I P P I N G  ON  O R D E R S   O V E R   $ 1 0 0  -  A U S T R A L I A   W I D E

'Inès' Wedding Blanket

An older vintage blanket, this has been embellished more recently with designs of sequins, making this a beautiful statement piece. With a warm base, this looks spectacular draped over a bed, or wall hung to really delight.

  • Size: 104 x 191cm 

We love the many joyous hours it takes to personally choose each of the handiras in our collection. It is a beautiful process, injected with copious amounts of Moroccan hospitality and mint tea. Each blanket is a vintage item, unique, rare and collectable, and being handmade it brings slight irregularities, blemishes and rusting in some cases of the sequins. This, to us, enhances its beauty, authenticity and true value.